“I have to tell you that I adore your cappuccino soy milk.  It is delicious, refreshing and healthy.  I just wish I did not have to go out of my way to find it.  I happen to be a kosher consumer.  I just don’t understand why so many of the kosher markets are carrying “Silk”. Not to mention most of the mainstream grocery stores. Silk is manufactured on dairy equipment and as such, cannot be combined with a meal containing meat. Zen Soy’s “parve” certification means I don’t have to think for a minute if I am allowed to have it.  Besides, it’s so much better than Silk.”

“I recently found out that I have celiac disease and cannot eat any gluten.  Is ZenSoy milk gluten free?”

ZenSoy responds: All of our products are gluten free.

“I would like to know if your chocolate pudding is caesin free. It says lactose free, but I’m not sure what some of the ingredients are. I hope it is caesin free, my son really likes it! Thank you for your help.”

ZenSoy responds: All of our products are casein free.  Happy your son likes it!

“We were just writing to let you know how much we love your soy chocolate pudding product. My daughter was diagnosed with a milk protein allergy at age 10 back in 2003. As you can probably figure, she can’t have a lot of things that kids usually enjoy (ice cream, pizza, milk and cookies). She has found solace, however, in the Zensoy chocolate pudding product. Keep doing your thing (making it) and we’ll keep on doing ours (enjoying it)! By the way, my daughter and I are doing our best to get the 25 UPC codes together to get mom one of those t-shirts. Hope we can get it to you soon!”
Marc, Teri, and Chloe

“I just wanted to say how much I love Zen Soy Pudding.  I am allergic to dairy and really miss desserts.  The flavor and texture are remarkable, and very satisfying. Thank you.”

“Does your chocolate pudding lecithin ingredient come from eggs?  My daughter is allergic to milk, eggs, sesame and beef and I just wanted to make sure she could eat your product.”

ZenSoy responds: Yes!  None of our products have any eggs. They are also suitable for Vegans!

I recently became a vegan and wasn’t happy about some of the products I’d tried (such as soy yogurt from one company). I was skeptical about your chocolate pudding. But I have to tell you it’s the best chocolate pudding I’ve ever had in my life! And I’ve eaten chocolate pudding in Paris and in Switzerland! It’s perfect (maybe a little sweeter than it needs to be). The chocolate flavor is strong and dark, and the consistency is almost like a custard. Great. Thank you for making my diet happier, healthier, and more delicious! I’ll never try another brand.