Having difficulty finding your favorite ZenSoy product or flavor? Let the Dairy Manager of your local store know by submitting this product request form.

Dear Dairy Manager or Store Manager,
Please consider offering the following preferred flavors of ZenSoy products to your customers.  ZenSoy is a product that is organic, gluten free, lactose free and kosher certified.  This is a unique product for people looking for gluten free desserts and beverages. We offer the only refrigerated, gluten free and lactose free pudding. Thank you!

Half Gallon Soy Milks (Preferred in blind taste tests over the leading brand!)
  Flavor U.P.C. Code
Plain 0-72050-10101-3
Vanilla 0-72050-10102-0
Chocolate 0-72050-10103-7
Multi-pack Soy Puddings (Great for kids and moms on the go!)
  Flavor U.P.C. Code
Banana 0-72050-11001-5
Chocolate 0-72050-11002-2
Vanilla 0-72050-11003-9
Swirl (Chocolate/Vanilla Swirl) 0-72050-11004-6
Soy on the Go
  Flavor U.P.C. Code
Vanilla 0-72050-10202-7
Chocolate 0-72050-10203-4
Cappuccino 0-72050-10204-1

Attention Store Managers: ZenSoy is available through UNFI, Tree of Life, Kehe, and DPI.