What is Pandas Against Pesticides?

Pandas Against Pesticides is ZenSoy’s campaign to safeguard the environment and our food supply from harmful chemical pesticides.  We are pledging 5% of all profits to international wildlife organizations and to promote organic farming.

We have been unwavering in our commitment to the environment since we started ZenSoy in 1999, making delicious, organic, dairy-free products, free of chemical pesticides, petroleum-based fertilizers, and GMOs.  All of our soy milk and pudding is made from U.S. grown organic soybeans. Every time you choose ZenSoy, you and your family are taking a stand against threats to our health and environment.

Did you know that “Natural” is NOT the same as organic?

Certified organic means that the ingredients were grown using strict environmental standards regulated by the USDA. There are no standards for the word ‘natural.’

• 97% of all soybeans are sprayed with pesticides.

• 90% of all soymilk on supermarket shelves is made from soybeans sprayed with pesticides.

• The leading brand of soymilk uses tens of thousands of pounds of pesticides each year to grow the soybeans used in their milk.

• Choose ZenSoy for pure, delicious organic soymilk and puddings.