Want to learn a little more about ZenSoy? Here are answers to our Frequently Asked Questions

Why is ZenSoy good for me? The soy protein found in ZenSoy protects against many of the effects of aging.   Diets low in saturated fat and cholesterol that include 25 grams of soy protein a day may reduce the risk of heart disease.  One serving of ZenSoy provides 7 grams of protein.

Why do you use organic soybeans? Aren’t all soybeans the same? Certified organic soybeans – the only kind ZenSoy uses – are a nutritious food with amazing health benefits. Yet 97% of all soybeans are sprayed with pesticides. We don’t think it’s healthy or natural to serve our family or yours food that has been doused with pesticides. We also think organic soybeans taste better, are safer for you and your family, and don’t pollute the soil and ground water with chemicals.

What certifications do ZenSoy products have? All our products are certified organic by the USDA, Kosher, Parve by the O.U. and Vegan, free of any dairy or animal derived ingredients. All products are free of any lactose, dairy, cholesterol, gluten, eggs, casein, peanuts or MSG.

Does ZenSoy use genetically modified organisms (GMO) or soybeans? Never. Soybeans are one of the most common crops to use GMO, but ZenSoy relies only on certified organic soybeans for its products. We just don’t believe GMO products are good for the body, the environment, or our company. ZenSoy has the highest health quality standards, and our products show it.

What about the taste? Will my kids like ZenSoy products? We get letters from moms all the time telling us how much their kids LOVE ZenSoy products! We’re not surprised – we created the products with our own picky eaters in mind.  Our products have been kid-tested and have received rave reviews!

What is special about ZenSoy? All of our products are made from premium, organic soy beans grown in the U.S. and carefully processed to retain their natural levels of isoflavones. We have some of the best product development people in the industry who are constantly raising the standards for taste indulgence (catering to those picky eaters again!). Once you taste the rich creaminess of ZenSoy, you won’t want to return to ordinary soy products.

Does ZenSoy provide any positive health benefits for children?. ZenSoy delivers important nutrients, without chemicals, pesticides, or hormones. For children who are lactose intolerant, ZenSoy is a delicious and healthy substitute. It is never too early to start your little ones on a healthy life path. Kids are crazy about the creamy chocolate and vanilla flavors, and may drink it more easily than milk.

What type of equipment do you use to manufacture your products? We do manufacture at a plant that also produces dairy products; however, our machines are cleaned and sterilized before we manufacture the soy products. Our products are Kosher Certified Parve.

Where is your lecithin derived from? The lecithin we use is from soy.

What is carrageenan? Carrageenan is a generic term applied to hydrocolloids extracts obtained from natural red seaweed grown around the northern Atlantic coast. Throughout history, red seaweeds have been harvested and used for variety of products. As a food source reference of its use in China goes back to 600 BC. It has been used in milk puddings by the Irish, as salads and aspics in the Far East and in medicines in South Africa.

One of your ingredients is “organic natural flavors.” What is this? The mention of organic natural flavors lets the consumer know the natural flavors are the actual real plant extractions; (vanilla bean, vanilla leaf, coco bean, banana plant, etc.). Organic products are grown without the use of herbicides or pesticides, using sustainable agricultural methods such as crop rotation and water conservation.

Other questions? If we have not answered your question here, please contact us! We’ll be happy to reply to your queries about ZenSoy and the magical benefits of soy! Click here to contact us.