Always organic. Always delicious. Always family.

Family is the reason ZenSoy is always organic! We’ve been committed to providing families with wholesome, good-for-you delicious beverages for 5 generations. And, good-for-you means using only soybeans that are certified organic and grown in the U.S.

A Little History

In 1999, spurred on by the amazing health benefits of soy, we starting producing refrigerated soymilk. And because we wouldn’t serve you anything we wouldn’t serve our own family, we grew only organic soybeans.

What’s the point in offering a healthy product that’s been doused in pesticides? Or been changed through genetic modification? The answer seemed obvious to our family, too! While some soymilks claim to be “natural,” we don’t think there’s anything natural or wholesome about pesticides. And besides, ZenSoy is the soy you enjoy!

Today, ZenSoy Organic Soy Milk is available in 4 delectable, bone-boosting flavors: original (plain), vanilla, chocolate and cappuccino. A year after our soymilk hit shelves, we introduced other delicious snacks that would delight your pickiest eater AND pass the parent trifecta: Is it healthy? Is it nutritious? Is it organic? In 2000, our organic soy puddings became available in creamy chocolate and fruity banana flavors.

Our innovative line generated tremendous interest in the natural foods markets, so we launched two additional flavors: vanilla and a swirl pudding (a mouth-watering combination of our original chocolate flavor mixed with creamy vanilla).

Pandas Against Pesticides

Pandas Against Pesticides is ZenSoy’s campaign to safeguard the environment and our food supply from harmful chemical pesticides.  We are pledging 5% of all profits to international wildlife organizations and to promote organic farming.

We have been unwavering in our commitment to the environment since we started ZenSoy in 1999, making delicious, organic, dairy-free products, free of chemical pesticides, petroleum-based fertilizers, and GMOs.  All of our soymilk and pudding is made from US grown organic soybeans. Every time you choose ZenSoy, you and your family are taking a stand against threats to our health and environment.